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Spend a day with Your Super Natural Chef

$250 will get you:

3 meals prepared by Your Super Natural Chef
Kitchen revamp-Fridge, Pantry, Freezer
Grocery Shopping Adventure Guide
2 hour cooking lesson
Personalized recipes
Kitchen Grooves CD

I will come to your home for the day and offer my help to get you going and moving forward in a healthy fun way. Letís make it enjoyable to make positive changes for you and your family.


3 meals includes
Breakfast- Iíll show you how to make some yummy smoothies
Lunch- Iíll show you how to make some easy fresh and flavorful lunches
Dinner-Iíll make something special for you and your whole family or some good friends

Kitchen Revamp includes
I will go over with you my suggestions on what to change in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

Grocery Shopping Adventure Guide
We will take a Drive to the nearest whole foods and I will guide you into some items that will suit your tastes and what youíre looking to achieve through your diet.

2 hour cooking lesson
This is your choice on something you are interested in learning. E.g. How to make Kamboucha, fresh sprouts, growing your own herbs, dehydrating, pickling. Or use the time for me to prepare for you freezer meals for those times when you donít feel like cooking.

Personalized Recipes
After spending the day with you and getting to know your tastes. I will create for you some personalized recipes.

Music Cd
I will leave with you something to groove to in the kitchen. Enjoy. Have Fun!

Yacht Chef

For your next adventure out at sea, bring me!
Iíll add an adventurous twist to your dining bliss.† I create Nourishing food for your body, mind and that deep down soul. Enjoy gourmet breakfasts, fresh energizing lunches, and relaxing dinners, followed up with some sexy desserts. Training as a Canadian Red Seal Chef, Holistic Nutritionist and Avatar Master, has opened my mind and enhanced my ability in the kitchen creating authentic, pleasing food for everyone, leaving no one left out.† I specialize in healthy, vegetarian and raw foods with room to satisfy the meat lovers too. Yacht Cheffing is so much fun! I love meeting new groups of people and creating magic in each amazing and unique kitchen.† A weekend, a week what ever it may be, eat well and have fun, while traveling with me.