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"Amie is a gifted and wonderful chef who adds a very positive, loving energy to her meals. Her dishes look and taste amazing, and leave you feeling nourished and invigorated. You can see and feel her love for cooking in what she makes."

B. O'Brien

Amie introduced me to new, exciting and sometimes strange foods. Foods I would never have considered otherwise. Although at the time when she said what we would be having for that meal I may have hesitated, cringed and even stuck up my nose, she always followed through and delivered an amazing and mouth watering dish; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No matter what is or isn't in the cupboards, she can always come up with a healthy delicious meal that appeals to the whole family.

Not only did I learn to like new foods because of Amie's culinary skills and know how, she is always happy to demonstrate, explain and teach to eager "chefs to be" like myself.

I've learned a lot of my own home cooking skills from watching her work in the kitchen, and hope someday to pass on her techniques to the next generation.

Her extensive knowledge of complimentary ingredients and dishes has followed her around the world. Picking up new and exciting ideas on her travels and bringing them home to share with everyone.

From a family friendly, delicious healthy meal to a jaw dropping, drool inducing, fine dining experience, Amie has never disappointed and is always welcome at my dinner table and home.

Melissa Toering
La Ronge, SK